What Not to Do in the New Year…

What Not to Do in the New Year…

One of the daily emails I receive is from Mikey’s Funnies, a Christian humor ministry. While it was a re-cycled posting, the reminder was still worthy of a chuckle.

Jumping on the bandwagon
Wading through paperwork
Running around in circles
Pushing your luck
Spinning your wheels
Adding fuel to the fire
Beating your head against the wall
Climbing the walls
Beating your own drum
Dragging your heels
Jumping to conclusions
Grasping at straws
Fishing for compliments
Throwing your weight around
Passing the buck

How many other items could we add, such as tilting at windmills, making molehills into mountains, or blowing our own horn? Humour aside, the listing of useless exercises should challenge many of us to evaluate our responses in life and how much energy and emotion is wasted in self-righteous indignation, self-promotion or self-justification? How much passion and anxiety have we invested in blaming others instead of owning responsibility? How much fuss and fury have we caused or contributed to because we were more interested in protecting our own egos and defending our rigidly held positions instead of exercising a bit more humility, thoughtfulness and compassion?

Jesus questioned whether anyone could add so much as an hour to their life by worrying (Matthew 6:27) and warned the Pharisees that despite all their show of self-aggrandizing religion, they were in danger of neglecting the more important matters of the law, which were justice, mercy and faithfulness (Matthew 23:24).

Many of may have made new year’s resolutions to exercise more intentionally. Perhaps the essential corollary is make sure we are investing in the sort of exercising in life that reflects the grace of our Saviour and the values of the kingdom.