With Apologies to Clement Moore…

With Apologies to Clement Moore…

Twas the eve before Christmas busy-running-schedule-300x199

And all through the church,

The pastor was frantic

When he stopped with a lurch!

“What’s wrong with this picture?”

Out loud, he did ask.

Why am I so frantic,

And so bound up with each task?

Though worthy each one,

And all have their place,

Have I joined the many

Caught in the rat race

Of buying and doing

And getting things done

That I’ve completely forgotten

To remember the One

Whose advent and coming

Gives us joy, peace and hope

To lose sight of that focus

Just makes me a dope!

Yet how easy, he sighed,

To fall to distraction,

For our world seems to think

Life is all in the action

Of running and doing

And buying and betting

Of striving and wanting;

Yet completely forgetting

That peace is not found

With more and more stuff;

Nor joy gained by all of

Our bluster and bluff.

How wise were the shepherds,

Those humble poor folk

Who just prayed at the manger,

Then went forth and spoke

Of the wondrous things

God showed them that night:

Angels a-singing and glory beheld

The hills ablaze with pure holy light,

A message of wonder Gabriel told

A messiah born as promised of old.

Or think of the magi, come from afar

Following the leading of that holy star.

No distance too great,

No challenge too daunting,

Not Herod’s devises nor

The skeptic’s snide taunting.

They steadfastly followed

The star’s heavenly leading

Till they found the child in whom

Earth finds all perfect meaning.

The shepherds and magi

Worshipped in awe

At the glory of God’s love

Asleep on the straw.

O for wisdom like them

To gather in joy

And worship before

Mary and Joseph’s wee boy,The-Nativity-Story-900x600

Who was God’s own Son

Sent to this earth

To bring us rich grace

That flows from his worth.

So come one and all,

Who long for such love

Come bow at the manger

Of Christ from above.


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