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From time to time, I come across thoughtful reflections and writings from friends, colleagues and members of the congregation that deserve to be published and circulated. One such is the following from Ruth Heyd…


My Treeneighbour-tree4

This morning, from my window, I see a lovely fir tree.

It is tall, slender, and beautiful in its natural habitat.

But then I notice it has suffered some damage on one side. Partway down, the branches have been destroyed, broken, cut away, leaving the trunk of the tree, exposed and bare – an awkward, open eyesore that is usually hidden away.

But the tree is in God’s garden, and the morning sun shines on that tree, giving it extra lightness and a golden glow. My eyes drink in the beauty of the tree and I sense God’s warmth enveloping it. My eyes stray to the bare unadorned exposed wood and my eyes lock on it, for it is that very part of the tree that shines the brightest. It’s very uniqueness and brave exposure to God’s light heightens the glow and reflects back to me the beauty of God’s love and light and grace.

I want to draw close to it and touch its warm bark, feel the light on my hands and give thanks to God for showing me that the wound on that tree enhances the beauty of the whole tree.

This afternoon, I look at the tree again. This afternoon, it is an ordinary tree in a forest of trees, the bare spot now hidden in the shade of green boughs.

But I remember with my heart, the connection with the tree and with God. I will not forget the morning, seeing the heart of the tree open and shining with God’s light. Glorious!



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