Windows into Heaven and Flowering Trees

Windows into Heaven and Flowering Trees

In response to hearing that amidst a famine petalsGod was about to act so that the very next day food would become so cheap no one would believe their luck a lord said to the king “Behold, if the LORD would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?” (2 Kings 7:2, KJV)

The poetry in that stopped me today. Partly because I can hear the longing in the man’s voice, the voice of one who has had trouble feeding his people, fulfilling his role as provider to those he loves, and those who are under his care. I Can sympathize with him. Not that I and those I loved have ever really lacked materially, but we have known spiritual thirst, and amongst the broader church I hear and work with many whose church bodies feel this way. If only…is sort of meme in the church.

The other reason it stopped me is that I thought something very similar to this yesterday. I quote over and over Eugene Peterson’s quote that the church pastor is to be a spy searching out the ways of grace, and yesterday as I did my afternoon run I found myself bracing for a storm that was clearly looming in the darkening skies. It looked bad, I was starting to worry for my ipod, I was starting to think about how nice it would be to be a faster runner, to cover more ground more quickly, when I realized I was in a storm already.

The wind picked up and because I now live in Duncan, a strange land with innumerable flowering trees (trees that flower without any hope of fruit amaze me and I hope that awe doesn’t dissipate over my years here) I was running in a flurry of flower petals. Pink and white, from two different types of trees that line the running trail fell from the sky. What a moment I thought, what a great reminder that in God there is abundance and beauty, and if this trail is what it’s like here imagine what running in heaven would be like!

So this morning I am again thinking about heaven, about how God really does make windows into heaven, for those willing to look. Might I suggest that you too might want to take an extra look around today, pay extra close attention to what God is doing in your life and in your region. It will be worth it, you might even get a glimpse of heaven.