I Wish I Could See the Future, Sort Of

I Wish I Could See the Future, Sort Of

imagesThis morning is one of those classic West Coast mornings with a pea soup fog so thick you could be anywhere at all. Many people find such darkness scary, they fear what’s around the corner, or right in front of them, because they cannot see it. Like them in many ways I wish I could see the future. Like them I can be bothered when I need to step out in faith, trusting in God, towards the fog or the darkness.

Read anything about churches, businesses, or leadership and you will encounter the need for vision. In so many facets of life we need to know where we are headed, if not exactly then at least in part. I often struggle with this, feeling dense and slow to grasp the big vision. I try to live into certain principles and hope for the best.

The bible makes a big deal of light and darkness and I get that. It talks of Jesus being the light of the world. I understand that better when I wake up to fog. As I walk into it, facing an unknown future the fog lifts, or at least isn’t as thick when you are in it as it appears to be from the outside. I like to think that Jesus is doing something like that, creating a bubble around me that always me to see things a certain way.

I wish he would let me break through. I constantly feel like there is something I am close to, it remains frustrating just out of reach. Clarity of ideas or a profoundly comforting element of the world that I just know is out there but haven’t quite accessed yet. Like it’s reverberating so I know its there, but I haven’t the ears to hear it in the first place.

I suppose we aren’t granted the access because then we would be less reliant on God and less needful of faith and faith itself builds us up. I suppose one day we will see that God was doing us a favour by leaving traces of the kingdom to come throughout creation. For now I just pray that I can keep inside my little pocket of sight, and if the broader view ever opens itself, that I would be ready for it.


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