Post-Election Reflection (Man That Could Mean Something Else to a Calvinist!)

Post-Election Reflection (Man That Could Mean Something Else to a Calvinist!)

Unknown-1Christians have a call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the poor; protect the widow and the orphan. We have taken on roles as healers and educators, stewards of the environment and places of sanctuary. For a long time now we have not been able to do these things on our won. Far too often we don’t live out these calls on our lives because the scope of what we can do seems too small. Often it is small. What we need to realize is that we can/should/must engage with other partners to accomplish these things. Gone are the days we could do it alone, and good riddance. Today we must work with schools, help out as tutors, mentors and the like, we must work with food banks, shelters, and those protecting the environment. Today Christians will rub shoulders with non-Christians, which means they will have the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

When Barack Obama was elected what feels like a lifetime ago my wife Mary said, “If he accomplishes half of what he hopes to it will be because he has inspired people to work towards the future they want believing it is possible.” I can’t help but think the same is true of Canada’s Prime-Minister-Elect, if he can bring any light, if he can maintain the sunny disposition, making Canada a better place for all, it will be because he has managed to engage people.

The Apostle Paul spoke about the need for all the parts of the body and as Christians we have a tendency to reserve that for the church as though this is only true within the confines of religion. I don’t desire, for one second, to undermine the need for engagement beyond sitting in the pews both for the well-being of the church and the well-being of the souls of those who have professed faith in Jesus.

But what anyone paying attention can see, what, perhaps, we all know and thus are attracted to when a politician suggests it, is that this truth also applies to the society in which we live. We need to be the change we want to see, there is no one else to enact it, there is no one else but us to create the sort of society we want to live in with the sorts of institutions we want it to have.

Many people, fans of Justin Trudeau and opponents, are now saying it is time for him to get working. Those who would see him fall are again saying he isn’t up for the task and those who would see him soar point out the work he has accomplished already. What far too few are pointing out is that now is a moment pregnant with possibility, a moment when we can all reach out and take our part. Surely those who say it’s time to work are right.

Let’s get to it.