Office Coffee VS. The Coffee Shop

Office Coffee VS. The Coffee Shop

Here at St. Andrew’s, thanks to the amazing generosity of many people, we recently opened a new administrative wing. It is a delight to work in and the extra space helps us not feel so cramped in our daily digs. The “big Luxury” of what some have come to lovingly call “The Pastor’s Palace” is a Keurig coffee maker. Before you get mad at the waste you should know we bought re-usable pods for all the staff.

 We also bought a package of single-use pods in order to be able to quickly and without hassle offer our guests coffee. It was hoped that they would see the ease of the making and say yes to coffee and a chat. It was hoped that as we made the office space more welcoming more people would spend more time in it.

This has happened, but they don’t want coffee.

Would you believe that as our construction was going on there was a major renovation happening kitty corner to us?

Would you believe that as we built our little “palace” God had some Christians building a coffee shop not spitting distance away?


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