I heart Valentine’s day (and I’m not scared to say so)

I heart Valentine’s day (and I’m not scared to say so)

I will not ignore Valentine’s day. I will not pretend to hate a day devoted to love.

Given the state of the world and current affairs neither should you, and if you hate it I suggest you learn to appreciate what it can mean beyond the cards flowers, and money.valentines-day-618879_1920

Can you tell me the world is so full of love that it needs no more?

Today my oldest son will declare love for his classmates and offer a token of appreciation to the teacher he otherwise mostly takes for granted. He will give them all hand-made cards and strawberries cut to look like hearts. I think this is a good thing.

The world could use more love these days.

Loving actions need not be expensive, they can truly be thoughtful.

Last week two of my sisters-in-law (one pregnant) arrived at my house while I was at work. It was snowing here (a rare event) I called my wife to tell her that the roads had gotten worse and that if they hadn’t already left perhaps they should listen to the authorities who were asking people to stay off the roads.

“They’re already here. I was thinking, would you like me to not bother shoveling the driveway so you have an excuse to be outside a while?”

That’s love right there (her actions, not mine).

My wife is perfectly capable of some shovelling and as a busy mom with little exercise time who would appreciate getting her heart rate up. I did it in the morning before I left for work so there wouldn’t be all that much that needed moving. My boys love to play outside in the snow…shovelling would be a family affair and a great way to distract, er, I mean take care of the boys while getting them exercise.

In this case, it was a sacrifice on the part of my wife to leave the shovelling to me.

It was also very thoughtful.

The bible says wives ought to respect their husbands and husbands are to love their wives.

Love’s not rocket science, though we often forget how it works.

A seminary prof. of mine once said marriage preparation is easy, “just tell them not to be assholes and it will all work out.”

Easier said than done.

Whoever your valentine is, I hope you appreciate them, take a moment to think of something thoughtful they have done for you recently, I pray you stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving for their presence in your life, and I pray that you know of a thoughtful action that will portray your love better than a schmaltzy card or flowers (though if your weather is like ours some flowers will brighten up your home).

Happy Valentine’s day folks!


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