Entering Lent

How we approach the bible affects what we will find in it and what we get out of reading it. This doesn’t in any way diminish the work of the Holy Spirit but recognizes reality.

When we open our bibles do we do it with a spirit of learning? Are we open to whatever God intends to teach us today? Or do we expect to find the expected?

When we open our bibles do we ask God to show us where we are going wrong in our lives? The paths we have headed down—sometimes with a great deal of emotional, spiritual, or financial investment—that God would bar us from?

As we enter the season of Lent—the season we await the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus—we would do well to approach our daily scripture reading with hearts ready to be turned.

This will require humility.

This will require quiet.

This will be worth it.

We need to not only be convicted where we are wrong but we need to understand it as well. If over the coming weeks we encounter something we honestly thought was fine but God has turned out hearts and showed us the error of our ways, it might help to talk with a trusted fellow Christian in order to gain better understanding.

May we have the strength and the courage to approach scripture with special care over the coming weeks.


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