Morning 10 minute drill

In the morning, when I get to my study, I like to take 10 minutes, it really doesn’t matter how busy my day is likely to be, and take 10 minutes.

Some people take Facebook breaks, or coffee breaks, or smoke breaks over the course of the day, I like to start my day with a break.

I listen to gentle music, set a timer, close my eyes, and permit my mind to wander.

Sometimes nothing happens and I feel foolish for taking the time.

Most mornings an essay begins to percolate in my mind, or an illustration for a sermon, a path through a knotty portion of a sermon, or situation facing me, the congregation, or a member in the congregation becomes clear. Sometimes a person’s name will come up more than once, I know I should call them today.

This 10 minutes reminds there is time for everything of importance today. It blesses me with patience throughout the rest of my sometimes-hectic days.

This 10 minutes helps lower my sense of urgency and rush.

I am not some zen yogi.

As often as not the best aspect of the 10 minutes is that by the time it’s over I am raring to go, on my best days I can’t wait for the timer to go off so I can attack the day, face the challenges, the time near the end requires patience, sitting, waiting.

It’s only 10 minutes, and each of us will react differently to it, but if like I was you feel a bit in a rut spiritually or mentally, or if , like me, you sometimes find yourself feeling rushed and moving too fast, I highly suggest you give it a shot.


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