Stuck in the mud? Run!

Stuck in the mud? Run!

The family and I decided Canada Day would be a good day to do what their mother loves best, go for a family walk in nature. On this particular day we visited Jack Point a fun walk near the ocean with many wonderful rocks and sandstone shelves and places for the boys to crawl into. Little caves and indents, great walls to practice bouldering on, the tide as out the sun was up, beauty was all around.

The 5 year old climbed up an especially high rock face and was jubilant at his prowess. Then he did what any kid would do, he ran down the rock face full tilt testing his leg turnover rate, arms failing, youth and joy, and exuberance embodied.

Then he hit the muddy flat.

Peaks and valleys, I suppose.

First he lost one shoe and then the other was sucked into the mud. Frozen he stood there not sure what to do. Every cartoon of kicks and he ever saw was probably coursing through his mind, total panic, tears coming, “Run, Run, Go forward” yelled the mother. Without hesitation, like a trained animal, the 5 year old ran to me on the other side in his socks. He got to me and he sat down and cried some tears of fear. It took a while for the adults to get his shoes out of the mud and back on his feet. He did a tough walk back to the car, he was proud of that walk and so was I.

Isn’t that how life is sometimes? Peaks and valleys? Sometimes we are stuck in the mud and all we really need is someone to say “run” and someone’s arms to run into? Sometimes we need the toughness to walk after a hard moment, walking is always made easier when someone walks alongside of us.  Eventually we will be back to climbing. 

May your summer be full of adventure and may you have someone to walk alongside you in both sadness and joy!


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