Let’s all go logging

Let’s all go logging

Every parent in an affluent society knows this truth, I wonder if parents in poorer places know it too—though it must be far worse for them—kids will waste food. Maybe you are past the time in life when you regularly eat with children and maybe you witness them being wasteful in other ways (do they need that new phone/car/countertop or should they pay off the mortgage?). I won’t say I work hard, I am blessed to live out a life of faith amongst a beautiful people of God who actually pay me to pray with them, preach amongst them, and write little blog posts like this one. Still, money doesn’t, as they say, grow on trees, and food costs money. I cannot tell you how many bowls of food the children who live with me have ruined and/or wasted. Boy, can that ever frustrate me!

I suppose the kids don’t get it. They cannot really understand the whole earning of money, buying of groceries, preparing of meals, cleaning up after meals (which of course includes cleaning the children themselves as well as the kitchen), until they find themselves responsible for all of this (fingers crossed I will have grand babies one day far far in the future). I know I was hardly a saint when it comes to such things, frankly, I’m not a saint now but the waste!

The worst, the absolute worst, is when they reject two options and demand another with the whine, “there’s nothing to eat” as they hold open a fridge door they can barely control with their little arms staring blankly at what I can only describe as, well, a cold box full of food!

I caught myself feeling frustrated at eh lack of gratitude and the inability of my children to appreciate the bounty in their lives and that’s when in a Holy Spirit moment I felt God saying, “yeah? well, look at you! How grateful are you? You still want more don’t you? You can look and see a bare cupboard even when I have one filled. And don’t even get me started on what you and your friends have done to the environment.” God sure can humble us in a minute. 

With the Green Party growing in Canada it is becoming clear that some people are becoming more reflective about how heavily we live. I wonder if us christians are still at the forefront? Remember when we founded GreenPeace? Yeah, that was a good time. 

I don’t want to guilt trip anyone into living more green, though of course we all should. 

I want to remind all of us, because I need reminding of it so often, that we are all hypocrites, and we would do well to recognize it before we grumble about what others do (or don’t do). It’s an old idea, I think I read about something like when I read about a log in an eye…back to logging?


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