Our elders take seriously their personal walk with Jesus, and their heart’s longing is that our whole congregation would be continually growing closer to Jesus in our knowledge of him, our love for him and our service to him.

Being within the Presbyterian tradition, our elders, together with the senior pastor, form the governing body for the congregation, which is called the Session. This group provides spiritual leadership and discernment for the church family.

Our elders are elected for life, a fact which emphasizes the depth of commitment they have to Christ and his church. Each elder is responsible for offering pastoral care for the people within a geographical area, which we call a Shepherd’s Group.

To contact any of our Elders send an email with their name in the subject line to office@standrewsduncan.org

Sandra Kroek

Sandra Kroek comes from one of the families that homesteaded on Vancouver Island in the 1850’s, She was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, where she attended the Brethren Church. Now she  is involved in our prayer ministry and often leads Bible studies in our church. Gardening, art and spending time with her grandchildren are some of the things that bring her great pleasure. To contact Sandra send an email with her name in the subject line to office@standrewsduncan.org

Jennifer Oldhoff

Jenn Oldhoff has lived on Vancouver Island her whole life. She moved to Duncan in 1985 and has raised two sons. She is happily married to Lucas Oldhoff. She was brought up in the Presbyterian Church in Port Alberni and has continued her faith walk ever since. She brings joy and enthusiasm to whatever she does and wherever she goes. She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul. To contact Jenn send an email with her name in…

Jim Drake

Jim Drake grew up in Vancouver, the 2nd of 5 kids. He had no church background as a youth. He attended BCIT. He married Heather in 1972 and they raised 2 sons, David & Ryan. In 1992, they moved to Vancouver Island and he worked at the Crofton Pulp Mill. In 1999, He left the mill  and set up his training business.  They started attending St Andrews in 1993 where he was baptized in 2003 and then in 2009 became an elder. To…

Blair Middlemiss

Blair Middlemiss grew up attending St Andrews Presbyterian church. As a young adult he served overseas with Youth With a Mission, based in Scotland. He was privileged to partner with St Andrews as his sending church while he spent 10 years training short and long term missionaries from all over the world, as well as running a youth program in the local area. Since then he and his family have resettled in the Cowichan Valley where he works as an…

Paul Wieringa

Paul Wieringa lives in Cowichan Bay with his wife of 30 years, Ann Antonides.  St. Andrew’s members promised to help raise their two daughters Sara and Jeanette knowing God and His grace. His dad was a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and the Gereformeerde Kerk in the Netherlands.  Paul has a degree in economics from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and is a BC government public servant.   To contact Paul send an email with his name…

Mary Moore

Mary Moore is from Montreal where she graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Art Education. She has taught art in Quebec, Vancouver, and the Cowichan Valley, finishing up at Duncan Christian School. In 2007, Mary took over the operation of Bendall Books, an independent publishing company, distributing a line of books to university bookstores. Mary is a relative newcomer to the Presbyterian church. She was raised in the United Church, came to belief via the Catholic…

Bruce Shuh

Bruce is married with Adele, and have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren Originally from Ontario and is a retired Electrical Engineer

George Heyd

George Heyd is married to Ruth; they have three adult children and two grandchildren, with whom they are eager to share time and energy.  George grew up in the Cowichan Valley and attended the local Brethren Church until he left to attend university. While away, he attended Brethren and Baptist churches and was deeply involved with Inter-Varsity, influences that encouraged him to shed old ways of meeting and knowing God through intellect and legalism.  Instead, he began a life-long journey…