George Heyd

George Heyd is married to Ruth; they have three adult children and two grandchildren, with whom they are eager to share time and energy.  George grew up in the Cowichan Valley and attended the local Brethren Church until he left to attend university.

While away, he attended Brethren and Baptist churches and was deeply involved with Inter-Varsity, influences that encouraged him to shed old ways of meeting and knowing God through intellect and legalism.  Instead, he began a life-long journey of meeting God in more personal ways, embracing the love, grace, and mercy that He offers to all.

When they moved back to Duncan some 40 years ago, they met like-minded Christians in an intimate spiritual community at St Andrew’s, and stayed.  George became an elder in 1980, and has worked over the years to have St Andrew’s be a place where individuals can meet God in deeply personal and meaningful ways.

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