St. Andrew’s loves youth and we have tons going on in our youth ministry. We have an exciting and active youth group that meets weekly. This vibrant group of grade 8–12 youth meets each Friday from 7–9:30 pm (during the school year) to hang out, have fun, eat great food, and most importantly discover and meet with Jesus. 

We have an amazing group of leaders that make this all happen, and they are people who love Jesus and have a heart to make the difference in the lives of each teenager. 

During the summer months, various outdoor activities are offered.

We recognize that being a teenager today isn’t easy. Teen years can be turbulent ones, but we believe that teens don’t have to face it alone. We believe that God has a plan for every teen’s life, and we’re here to walk through those years so that they can encounter God’s love and be changed forever to live their lives for God’s glory.

That is why St. Andrew’s is committed to youth ministry. Out programming is designed to meet the needs of teenagers where they are: socially, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is our desire to give teenagers an entry point into St. Andrew’s and encouragement to consider becoming part of our church family.

Enjoying a wide variety of social activities, recreation, concerts, and meaningful discussions is a great way to spend Friday night!

Check our facebook page for more info − St Andrews Duncan Youth